We provide complete FEED and EPCM solution for your projects. We are specializing in a turn key solutions for Oil and Gas, LNG, Drilling, Combined Cycle Power Generation, Water and Marine Industries.

We also can support Construction Commissioning and start up of your facilities as well as undertake all required scheduled equipment maintenance activities.

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We provide complete FEED and EPCM solution for your projects, as well as tailored engineering solutions for specific part of your existing facilities in order to optimize the production and decrease down time.

Our main asset is our engineers who bring together decades of experience from multiple industries and we will be happy to use it in your project benefits.

For all your Engineering Services requirements


Global Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Product Engineering

Brownfield to Greenfield solutions for Oil and gas production and processing facilities, Power Generation, LNG Facilities, Water

Engineering Services

Project Management

Manage your large projects and programs using project management tools and standards globally for successful execution.

Engineering Services

3D modelling & drafting

Our drafting team produce 2D CAD Drawings as well as 3D CAD Models for a range of application.

Engineering Services

Consulting Services

Along with complete set of engineering services PAKA Ltd also offer a complete IT solution for your company including.
Complete IT services

Reduce engineering cost ! Increase revenue ! Reduce time to market !

To be a market leader in Engineering and Corporate IT Solutions

Reduce clients OPEX and increase efficiency

To offer complete solutions and represent Client Interests

Be focused !

We take care of the entire life cycle of the product. Its easy to win through the expert process.

We are the team of highly motivated professionals driven by passion to Engineering. We approach each project individually and we tailor the solution which fits your corporate and business requirements.

We work with you to define the development potential and provide services to achieve your business goals in the engineering, design, and supporting IT applications.

Our way of working is to make uniqueness in what we do and then prove our approach in a more efficient method. We make best practices and reusable processes to reduce the overall project timelines. We allow our customers to experience our service as their extended arm of their functions. We continuously work on process improvement to bring value.

Oil and Gas, LNG, Water, Power Generation, and Marine.

The Quality is the one of core values here at PAKA Ltd and we run regular internal QA/QC Audits in order to deliver high quality solutions.

Our pricing models are business oriented and offer flexible options. The pricing structure is defined upfront that you and me operate in a secure and comfort modes to ensure that you get the result for what you pay. Fixed pricing for packaged solutions, hourly pricing, result based pricing, profit sharing models and cost to service model are available for our services, FREE Initial Consultation.

Our unique execution and delivery models are completely based on the results that you and your end user need. It will be ensured that the best technology and processes are followed to provide you the result that you expect and will surpass your expectations. Our global network and pragmatic approach take care of the deliveries on time and highest quality you need.

Global Engineering Services

Setup Global Engineering Centre


Technology Expertise

Get access to specific technology expertise for your business needs to run trouble free operations.


Engineering Maintenance

Get access to maintenance support for your engineering process, data and software applications round the clock.


Project Management

Manage your large projects and programs using project management tools and standards globallyfor successful execution.


Experiece technology – for moving the nonmoving
Engineering Services

Mobility in Engineering

Engineering Services

Project Management

Engineering Services

Engineering in Cloud

Engineering Services

Go Green

Engineering Services

Intelligent Engineering

Engineering Services

Mfg Operations Management